Producer and Consumer


I used to learn something by passively consuming it. Be it by watching a video course, reading a book/article, or looking into tutorials. Most of the time, the knowledge will be lost as soon as I move to learn another thing. So now, I’m trying a new thing. Whenever I want to learn something, I must produce something. So instead of passively consuming, I need to actively produce as well.

For example, learning Statistics? Instead of just watching hours of videos, create a pdf cheatsheet, and share/publish it. Learning web app? Create an Anki deck and share/publish it.

Hopefully, not only this will make the knowledge retained for longer, but also be good for the personal brand, as a part of Learning in Public.

I also think this concept is applied to the world in general. In order to have a successful business, we must provide something valuable to other people, that means becoming a producer of something, not just merely a consumer.